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SBI PO GK Questions with Answers - General Awareness

Read here SBI PO GK Questions and SBI PO Notes. You can download SBI PO PDF files in hindi from here. Also here you can clear your doubt for SBI PO Exam. Prepare yourself for this Competitive Exam. This is very helpfull for Best Government Jobs.

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Q.31 :  Despite of his best efforts he failed to accomplish his goal.
(a) in spite
(b) despite for
(c) in spite for
(d) despite
Answer : despite

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Q.32 :  The staff members wanted he to take over as the secretary to the MD.
(a) him to take over
(b) he taht should take over
(c) him to taken over
(d) him for a take over
Answer : him to take over

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Q.33 :  Pilgrims visit the shrine throughout the year but influx has great during festival days.
(a) influx was great
(b) has great influx
(c) has been great influx
(d) influx is greater
Answer : influx is greater

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Q.34 :  They had come here to examine the extend of impact of the earthquake.
(a) exiending of impact
(b) extension of the impacting
(c) extent of impact
(d) no correction required
Answer : extent of impact

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Q.35 :  I am fully convinced of the integrity of my colleagues.
(a) full convincing of
(b) fully convincing about
(c) full in convincing of
(d) no correction required
Answer : no correction required

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Q.36 :  The spectators were spellbound at the thrilling sight and at the end, they could not held their applause in appreciation.
(a) withheld their applause
(b) withhold their applause
(c) held their applauding
(d) no correction required
Answer : withhold their applause

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Q.37 :  Tokyo is one of the mostly populated cities in the world.
(a) thickly populated city in
(b) thickly populated city of
(c) most populated cities in
(d) no correction required
Answer : most populated cities in

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Q.38 :  There are indications that the prospects for growth in industrial output has improved.
(a) have improved
(b) have improvements
(c) has hmprovements
(d) no correction required
Answer : have improved

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Q.39 :  Missed opportunities and failure to delivery result can destroy even well-run organnizations.
(a) failed deliveries
(b) failure of delivery
(c) failed of deliver
(d) failure to deliver
Answer : failure to deliver

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Q.40 :  In order to raise the company profit the employees ..............,
(a) demanded two additional icrements
(b) decided to go on paid holidays
(c) decided to raise the of raw material
(d) offered to work over times without any compensation
Answer : offered to work over times without any compensation

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