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SBI PO GK Questions with Answers - General Awareness

Read here SBI PO GK Questions and SBI PO Notes. You can download SBI PO PDF files in hindi from here. Also here you can clear your doubt for SBI PO Exam. Prepare yourself for this Competitive Exam. This is very helpfull for Best Government Jobs.

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Q.11 :  The teacher asked why you are late?
(a) why you were late
(b) why late you are
(c) why are you late
(d) why late you were
Answer : why are you late

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Q.12 :  The teacher asked the intruder who was he and why was he occupying his chair.
(a) who he was and why he had
(b) who he was and why he was
(c) who he had been and why he had been
(d) none of these
Answer : who he was and why he was

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Q.13 :  Hard Days was his last novel.
(a) latter
(b) recent
(c) latest
(d) no correction required
Answer : no correction required

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Q.14 :  Bad habits must be nipped at the bud.
(a) nipped off the bud
(b) nipped in the bud
(c) nipped on the bud
(d) nipped upon the bud
Answer : nipped in the bud

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Q.15 :  Various practices and norms for banks transaction are laid down by the reserve bank of india.
(a) are laid up
(b) are led down
(c) are lead up
(d) no correction required
Answer : no correction required

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Q.16 :  She came in utter disrepute due to her ................. act.
(a) revengeful
(b) ungrateful
(c) elegant
(d) uneventful
Answer : revengeful

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Q.17 :  His attempts to ............... the subject under discussion were thwarted.
(a) balance
(b) defend
(c) mislead
(d) adjust
Answer : mislead

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Q.18 :  He was conceptually clear about the problem and therefor could provide a ........... solution.
(a) diplomatic
(b) analytical
(c) practical
(d) acceptable
Answer : practical

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Q.19 :  They returned after their .......... defeat in the foreign country.
(a) irrevesible
(b) impertinent
(c) indecisive
(d) disgraceful
Answer : disgraceful

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Q.20 :  The ministers .............meeting with the opposition party leader was severely criticized.
(a) unofficial
(b) authentic
(c) periodical
(d) secret
Answer : secret

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