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SBI PO GK Questions with Answers - General Awareness

Read here SBI PO GK Questions and SBI PO Notes. You can download SBI PO PDF files in hindi from here. Also here you can clear your doubt for SBI PO Exam. Prepare yourself for this Competitive Exam. This is very helpfull for Best Government Jobs.

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Q.21 :  It is unreasonable to distort the statement of a man simply because he does not agree with your opinions.
(a) discourage
(b) denounce
(c) bend
(d) encourage
Answer : denounce

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Q.22 :  When the bomb went off, it broke all of our windows.
(a) all our windows
(b) all windows of us
(c) our all windows
(d) all windows to us
Answer : all our windows

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Q.23 :  I must speak to the landlord about the people above. They make much noise.
(a) much of noise
(b) very much noise
(c) much too noise
(d) no correction required
Answer : no correction required

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Q.24 :  He was so particular that he stood up and said, "Please give me the another one.
(a) the another one to me
(b) other one
(c) the other one
(d) one another
Answer : the other one

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Q.25 :  I wish my bus did not arrive so late; then i could have reached home before breakfast.
(a) had not arrived
(b) does not arrive
(c) has not arrived
(d) arrived
Answer : had not arrived

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Q.26 :  The process should be completed as far as possible within a week............. which the matter should be brought to notice of the officer concerned.
(a) following
(b) failing
(c) realizing
(d) referring
Answer : failing

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Q.27 :  All letters received from government should acknowledge.
(a) suddenly
(b) obviously
(c) immediately
(d) occasionally
Answer : immediately

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Q.28 :  Mumbai office............. a meeting of senior officials to discuss the high incidence of frauds.
(a) attended
(b) convened
(c) reported
(d) asked
Answer : convened

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Q.29 :  The note should be.............. to all the concerned departments for their consideration.
(a) regulated
(b) requesed
(c) forwarded
(d) represented
Answer : forwarded

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Q.30 :  What surprised me mostly, was articulate speech.
(a) serprises me mostly was
(b) did surprises me
(c) surprised me most was
(d) did surprise me most is
Answer : surprised me most was

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