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SBI PO GK Questions with Answers - General Awareness

Read here SBI PO GK Questions and SBI PO Notes. You can download SBI PO PDF files in hindi from here. Also here you can clear your doubt for SBI PO Exam. Prepare yourself for this Competitive Exam. This is very helpfull for Best Government Jobs.

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Q.41 :  Wait here.................,
(a) while i come back
(b) unless i return back
(c) till i come back
(d) none of these
Answer : till i come back

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Q.42 :  The more we looked at the piece of modern art,........... ,
(a) it looked better
(b) the more we like it
(c) none of these
(d) the less we liked it
Answer : the less we liked it

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Q.43 :  You must ...........your career with all seriousness.
(a) direct
(b) complete
(c) follow
(d) pursue
Answer : pursue

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Q.44 :  The villagers ......... the death of their leader by keeping all the shops closed.
(a) mourned
(b) announced
(c) protested
(d) none of these
Answer : mourned

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Q.45 :  The production of the various departments had not been satisfactory this year.
(a) have not been
(b) was not been
(c) will not have been
(d) has not been
Answer : has not been

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Q.46 :  A committee comprising f imminent scholars from various technical institutes was set up.
(a) comprising with eminent
(b) comprised imminent
(c) comprising eminent
(d) no correction required
Answer : comprising eminent

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Q.47 :  In the recent held cricket match, most of the players scored more than fifty runs.
(a) recent holding
(b) recently held
(c) recent helded
(d) recently held
Answer : recently held

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Q.48 :  Inhabitants of that locality can classify into only two groups, namely the poor and very poor.
(a) will classify in
(b) can be classified into
(c) will be classify between
(d) no correction required
Answer : can be classified into

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Q.49 :  He gathered courage and rushed to the blast sight to save his colleague.
(a) blast site to save
(b) blast right for saving
(c) blast into for safety
(d) no correction required
Answer : blast site to save

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Q.50 :  Proud people often look down ........others.
(a) on
(b) for
(c) at
(d) upon
Answer : upon

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