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English grammar questions and answers - english grammar pdf

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Q.480 :  Time duration when a team is batting is called,
(a) batting time
(b) bowling time
(c) innings
(d) filding
Answer : batting time

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Q.479 :  Remaims of very old plants and animals are called.
(a) symbols
(b) signs
(c) fossils
(d) old stuff
Answer : fossils

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Q.478 :  When we save some thing from injury or decay we are
(a) preserving
(b) saving
(c) creating
(d) decomposing
Answer : preserving

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Q.477 :  A place where bees live and store honey called.
(a) hive
(b) nest
(c) cottage
(d) tree
Answer : hive

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Q.476 :  To make environment dirty and unhealthy is called.
(a) pollute
(b) dameg
(c) global warming
(d) slumps
Answer : pollute

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Q.475 :  Mainbody of salt water on earth is known as.
(a) river
(b) ocean
(c) tank
(d) lake
Answer : ocean

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Q.474 :  A place where young plants are raised is called.
(a) park
(b) garden
(c) nursery
(d) forest
Answer : nursery

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Q.473 :  A substance which causes death if absorbed by living beings.
(a) oil
(b) poison
(c) milk
(d) drugs
Answer : poison

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Q.472 :  A person who composes epics lyrics etc is called.
(a) novelist
(b) acritic
(c) poet
(d) an autobiographer
Answer : poet

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Q.471 :  He didn`t eat his ................dessert.
(a) portion
(b) proportin
(c) ark
(d) are
Answer : portion

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