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English grammar questions and answers - english grammar pdf

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Q.490 :  He refused to attend the meeting.......................his illness.
(a) on part of
(b) on point of
(c) on the ground of
(d) with a view to
Answer : on the ground of

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Q.489 :  A kind of large flower that grows in water.
(a) rose
(b) lotus
(c) sunflower
(d) lilly
Answer : lotus

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Q.488 :  Ground military operation with a set purpose is called.
(a) attack
(b) campaign
(c) defeat
(d) retreat
Answer : campaign

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Q.487 :  Someone who offer himself to do something without being paid.
(a) volunteer
(b) leader
(c) preacher
(d) servant
Answer : volunteer

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Q.486 :  A person who lives next door is called.
(a) friend
(b) neighbour
(c) lover
(d) relative
Answer : neighbour

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Q.485 :  A person who flies an aeroplane is called.
(a) driver
(b) crew
(c) pilot
(d) captain
Answer : pilot

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Q.484 :  A place where all kinds of pleasures are available.
(a) circus
(b) cinema hall
(c) theatre
(d) paradise
Answer : paradise

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Q.483 :  A place where birds from many countries come for shelter is called.
(a) resting
(b) neat
(c) sanctuary
(d) migration
Answer : sanctuary

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Q.482 :  Stories handed down form older times containing early belifes of a race are called.
(a) tales
(b) hearsay
(c) myths
(d) false
Answer : myths

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Q.481 :  A dishonest person who plays tricks on other is called,
(a) helper
(b) rogue
(c) robber
(d) decoit
Answer : rogue

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